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Hymns to Posthumanity 006

My artworks explores the intersection of art, environment, and technology - three forces with the power to shape our world's future. I harness the limitless creative freedom of digital media to push the boundaries of aesthetic expression. My goal is to cultivate a distinct perspective that provokes thought at the crossroads where technology, nature, and humanity converge. - R. Canete (Dunealogy)

It has been said that we can see into the future using our minds.

A Posthuman Future?

At the core of my work is an urgent observation: our planet’s ecological balance is delicate, and human choices tip the scales. I aim to make the nexus of sustainability, environmental consciousness, and technological innovation the subject of compelling artistic interrogation. How will humanity’s relationship with nature evolve in a digital age? Can high-tech tools and online networks reinforce our connection to the natural world instead of severing it? I probe these questions without moralizing, instead hoping to incite fresh visions for a more harmonious tomorrow.

Ultimately, my work is driven by a faith that humanity’s aesthetic spirit, energized by the limitless potential of digital creation, can renew our bond with the planet. When technology and art immerse us in possible futures where humanity and nature thrive in balance, we light the way forward. My art envisions that path.

Recent News

February 2024

"Resilient Shore" was shortlisted at the 2024 Climate Creatives Challenge art competition

November 2023

MUSE Art Awards - finalist exhibition at the at Fabbrica Del Vapore, Milan, Italy from Nov. 23 to Dec. 12 in collaboration with Museo Nazionale dellArte Digitale.

November 2023

Zealous Amplify: Environment Art Competition - Longlisted for entry "Balance With Nature Tryptich"

October 2023

Winner at the Boomer Art Prize, winning artworks' exhibition at the iconic Boomer Art Gallery, Tower Bridge District, London, Nov. 11 to 15

September 2023

Finalist at the Beyond Future Art Prize 2023 international competition

June 2023

Second Edition of "The Geometry of Angels" art book published

May 2023

First Edition of "A Tapestry of Earthly Impressions" art book published

cyberpunk mixed media 012
The Witness
Earthly Impressions 02
cyber mixed media 037

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