The Spectrum of Emotion

Within each of us lives a multitude of selves, each with their own perspective, interests, and aesthetic. The poems of Fernando Pessoa came to life through the voices of his heteronyms—alternate personalities that he created and channeled.

Digital landscapes folded in on themselves hint at dimensions beyond our narrow perception of space and time. Repetition and reflection create fractal journeys that invite us to see the universe anew, with fresh eyes that discern sacred mysteries in the commonplace.

The Results

“Together, these diverse works reveal the multitude within, balanced on that delicate yet vital line where opposites meet. ”

Stone balancing and splashes of colors

The art of stone balancing captures fleeting moments of balance and poise amidst the impermanence of life. Placed within simple yet symbolic scenes, these carefully composed shots of balanced stones on precarious perches become metaphors for navigating life’s challenges.

Splashes of color – abstract shapes, and forms – burst forth from these digital creations to mirror the turbulence within. Illuminating the complex and often contradictory nature of emotion, these vibrant artworks allow us to celebrate feeling in all its hues.